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Status of Open Meeting Laws During the COVID-19 Emergency in Jurisdictions with RWHAP Part A Programs

July 2020
Author: EGM Consulting LLC

Planning CHATT

Planning CHATT | EGM Consulting, LLC

Chart with the status of open meeting/sunshine laws in the District of Columbia and the 25 states that have at least one Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part A Program.

The chart includes the following information: 

  1. Whether the jurisdiction suspended some open meeting requirements because of the COVID-19 emergency, or whether no suspension was necessary because open meeting laws already provide for electronic meetings of public bodies like boards and commissions (including RWHAP Part A planning councils/planning bodies) or automatically allow suspension of some open meeting requirements whenever there is an emergency. All states acted or indicated no action was necessary.
  2. What action was taken.
  3. Where the source information can be found on the internet, with links.
  4. What changes were made and what provisions of open meeting laws remain in effect.
  5. Whether emergency declarations and limits on gatherings remained in effect as of May 27, 2020, when that information was available.

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