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Module 7. Maintaining and Improving a System of Care

April 2019

Planning CHATT


To provide an understanding of the concept of a comprehensive system of HIV care and of several PC/PB and recipient roles that are very important tools for developing, maintaining, and improving that system of care but often receive less attention than core legislative functions like priority setting and resource allocation (PSRA).

Content Overview

  • Defining and Understanding the System of Care
  • Shared Responsibility for the System of Care

  • Development and Use of Service Standards
  • Role of Clinical Quality Management
  • Coordination of Services/Relationships with Other Programs

  • Understanding the AAM Requirement
  • Scope and Challenges
  • Typical Steps

  • Gaining an In-depth Understanding of the Local System of HIV Care
  • Using Legislative Roles and Responsibilities to Help Improve the Local System of HIV Care

Materials for this Module

  Module 7: Notes for Trainers
  PowerPoint Slides: Maintaining, and Improving a System of Care
  Activity 7.1: Quick Scenarios to Apply Knowledge
  Quick Reference Handout 7.1: Eleven Ways PC/PBs Can Help Improve the System of HIV Care
  Quick Reference Handout 7.2: Assessment of the Administrative Mechanism

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