Reporting Viral Suppression Data in the Medicaid Data Set

Building Capacity to Improve Collecting and Reporting Viral Suppression Data to the Medicaid Adult Core Set

The project’s primary goal is to support state HIV and Medicaid programs in reporting the HIV viral load suppression measure to CMS as part of the Medicaid Adult Core Set (HVL-AD).

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NASTAD, AcademyHealth, the University of California at San Francisco, and Georgetown University serve as the Systems Coordination Provider (SCP) for the project. The project is funded through the Special Projects of National Significance within the HIV/AIDS Bureau at the Health Resources and Services Administration.


Building Internal Capacity

NASTAD is contracting with the ten participating states to build internal capacity for the project; most states assigned a project coordinator or increased capacity for data analysis. NASTAD anticipates allocating 40% of project funds to state subcontracts.

Participating States/Learning Collaborative

Participating states include: Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington State. UCSF will lead a learning collaborative with the participating states, working through improvement cycles with each state.

Technical Assistance

NASTAD and AcademyHealth are developing hands-on technical assistance tools to support health departments and Medicaid programs in the following areas, as needed:

  • Securing buy-in from Medicaid and Department of Health leadership.
  • Assessing the legal, regulatory, and internal governance frameworks to allow data-sharing for the project, including establishing a data-sharing agreement.
  • Incorporating HVL-AD reporting into current business processes and program workflows across the two programs.
  • Performing a recurring data linkage and preparing the HVL-AD measure data to report to CMS.
  • Developing initiatives across Medicaid and HIV programs that use the linked data to improve HIV outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries with HIV.


UCSF will conduct a cross-state evaluation of the project to inform which activities and resources will be most helpful to other states in adopting and reporting the measure.


NASTAD and the project’s partners will develop and make available the project’s tools and assist other states.

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Contact Information

Project Contacts:

Britni Lee
Project Manager
Auntré Hamp
Senior Director

HRSA Contacts:

PO Name
Marlene Matosky
PO Title
Chief – Clinical and Quality Branch, Division of Policy and Data, HAB


Funding Mechanism: Cooperative Agreement

Recipient Organization: NASTAD

Grant number: HRSA-21-083

Project Period: 8/1/2021 - 7/31/2025