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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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Post information about your EHR and how it works for your RSR reporting. Share tips, questions, frustrations, and advice on your system.


There is no interface that I know of. We use NextGen's SCOUT system for all of our RW data except Outreach/Lost to Care Services. The Outreach/Lost to Care data was entered into CAREWare. For RSR reporting we used the RSR reporting function in CAREWare to generate an xml file for that service category and submitted that along with the .xml files from SCOUT for all the other service categories. This worked for us because there was only one provider for Outreach/Lost to Care Services and that provider did not provide any other RW services. For the current program year we are funding Outreach using non-MOE local funds so we will only need to report RSR activity for Jan & Feb of 2015. If you are a current SCOUT user, I would suggest contacting the NextGen helpdesk (314-872-1428) and they may be able to help you identify what kind of data file you would need to create in CAREWare that could be loaded into SCOUT

This is Ellie from the DART team. NextGen does not have a feature that allows providers to import data into CAREWare. I spoke with a developer who said that a bridge was not planned due to legal, not technical, issues. However, NextGen is working on building a utility to create the RSR. It probably won’t be ready for 2015 reporting, so in the meantime, providers are relying on TRAX (formally T-REX) and data extracts from NextGen. NextGen is looking for providers to help with the development/testing process.

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