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The Ryan White Community Forums are an online space for people associated with the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and HIV/AIDS care. It is a resource to help those seeking help from, and offering help to, their colleagues and peers.

Please post tips, tools, resources--and questions. To participate, you must create an account on the site and log in. Please review the ground rules and instructions. We welcome suggestions for new forums.

Forum Description


This forum is for people to post open positions that may be of interest to the Ryan White Community. Writing a job posting? See these HIV-related Sample Job Descriptions

Oral Health Collaborative

The Oral Health Collaborative is a peer-to-peer technical assistance platform for all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Parts. It's purpose is to address, enhance, and support oral health care service delivery and education for people living with HIV.

RWHAP Part D Community Forum

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part D Community Forum is a platform for RWHAP Part D recipients to share information and provide peer-to-peer assistance. The purpose is to promote collaboration and information sharing across the RWHAP Part D community. Members of the community forum should be RWHAP Part D recipients or subrecipients.