SPNS Resource Directory

The Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Program supports the development of innovative models of HIV care. The goal is to improve service delivery and health outcomes for people with HIV getting care from HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP). SPNS funds demonstration projects to test models over multiple years. SPNS evaluates the design, implementation, utilization, cost, and health-related outcomes of treatment models. Models that work are then promoted for dissemination and replication by other agencies.

This page lists resources available on TargetHIV that were derived from HRSA's SPNS program. Some resources were informed by multiple SPNS initiatives so are listed multiple times.

2iS - Implementation Science & Innovative Interventions

Accelerating Implementation of Long-Acting Injectables

Capacity Building in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to Support Innovative Program Model Replication

Corrections Demonstration Project (CDP)

Emerging Strategies to Improve Health Outcomes for People Aging with HIV

Employment and Housing Service Coordination

EnhanceLink - Access to Care from Jail Settings

Primary Care HIV Prevention Interventions with PLWH

SURE Housing Interventions

Systems Linkages

Telehealth Strategies to Maximize HIV Care

Viral Suppression Data: Medicaid Data Set

Best practices compilation

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Discover both emerging and established approaches--evaluated in RWHAP settings--to improve HIV care, engagement, and health outcomes.