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Tapping into Novel Resources to Expand Workforce Capacity

August 2019


This webinar takes an in-depth look at an innovative intervention implemented by New York City Health + Hospitals Correctional Health Services to expand HIV workforce capacity through the use of strategic community-based partnerships. Funded by the HRSA/HAB Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Workforce Capacity Building initiative, this intervention trained housing and employment service specialists to implement linkage and retention services for people with HIV who are incarcerated and returning to the community after incarceration.

Topics Covered

  • Training staff from programs outside of the traditional public health service model to support clients with HIV
  • Establishing agreements with local HIV stakeholders
  • Applying a Transitional Care Coordination Model for clients with HIV who are returning to the community following incarceration in jail
  • Fostering a culture of respect, comfort, and empathy between intervention staff and the clients they service

The presenter shares lessoned learned, provide tips for replicating the intervention, and participate in a Q&A session.


Alison O. Jordan, LCSW, New York City Health + Hospitals Correctional Health Services, New York, NY, Transitional Care Coordination Adapted for Housing and Employment Services Implementation

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