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Part A Alternative Reverse Site Visit Training Series (2019-20)

October 2019


The Alternative Reverse Site Visit Series (ARSV) is geared towards new Part A personnel or existing personnel who would like a quick refresher course. Presentations from HRSA HAB Division of Metropolitan HIV/AIDS Program’s (DMHAP).

Topics (subject to change)

  • Introduction to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A

  • Administration Planning Cycle (Date: TBD)
  • Planning Councils and Planning Bodies (Date: TBD)
  • Social Determinants of Health/Health Equity (Date: TBD)
  • Fiscal and Grants Administration (Date: TBD)
  • Reporting Requirements and HRSA HAB Policy Updates (Date: TBD)
  • Clinical Quality Management and Data Reporting Requirements (Date: TBD)
  • Monitoring and Accessing Technical Assistance (Date: TBD)
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