CAREWare: Upcoming Changes, New Features


From the CAREWare Listserv, April 1, 2021

Just a quick update to outline some of the items we plan to upgrade or modify in CAREWare in the coming year.  These changes are derived from two main sources: input over the year from users, and new requirements from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

  1. Shared eligibility reporting. For clients that are shared, Providers can share eligibility records across domains in CAREWare (as you can other fields such as service records, labs, case notes, etc.) We will update CAREWare so that when you run your RSR, the value of the shared eligibility record can be output (eliminating the need to enter that value into each domain), just as you can now with shared lab records. This feature will be particularly useful for locations that have CAREWare networks with a separate domain established specifically to track client eligibility.
  2. Editing service records. Currently there are some restrictions when you try and edit a past service entry.  These restrictions will be eliminated so that past service records will be fully editable.
  3. New Reports.  The HOPWA report is currently being built in CAREWare (with the help of some dedicated users!)  We also plan to build the NASTAD report for ADAP recipients. The 2021 ADR will also, of course, be updated to meet the latest reporting requirements including the exporting of all medications prescribed along with their NDC codes, as well as all CD4 Count and viral load test results (not just the last in the year).
  4. Data Import Functionality/PDI: We have undertaken a major overhaul of the data import capacity of CAREWare, incorporating the Data Translation Module (DTM) into CAREWare itself (now it stands as a separate module).  Also, as part of a project with HRSA’s Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC), we developed a comprehensive way to import data using standard codesets (e.g. ICD-10, Snomed, LOINC, etc), information typically exported by Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and map those to native CAREWare codes. This feature will also use the DTM functionality to map flat CSV/Excel-type files. 
  5. Delete data by import date. Users have requested a feature that will allow you to delete records imported through the PDI, using the date of import to select records to remove.
  6. Look and feel of CAREWare screens.  We will also take suggestions on how we can improve the general “look and feel” and ease of use of CAREWare screens.  Now that we have a solid CAREWare 6 interface, it’s time to change it up!  Some of these changes might be better use of the space on screens, better use of color contrasts to make items easier to view, etc.

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