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HIV Testing and Linkage to Care among Blacks in EHE Jurisdictions

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Over 3 million HIV tests were conducted in the U.S. in CDC-funded test sites in 2017; 43.2% were among Blacks/African Americans (twice that of Whites) while nearly two-thirds were in the 50 jurisdictions that are the focus of the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative. According to the CDC surveillance report, a disproportionate share of HIV testing, new HIV diagnoses upon testing, and previously diagnosed HIV upon new HIV testing is among Blacks/African Americans and particularly those residing in EHE jurisdictions. 

Below are highlights on EHE testing data from the January 31, 2020 report HIV Testing Outcomes Among Blacks or African Americans — 50 Local U.S. Jurisdictions Accounting for the Majority of New HIV Diagnoses and Seven States with Disproportionate Occurrences of HIV in Rural Areas, 2017

  • Over two-thirds of new HIV diagnoses were in EHE jurisdictions, of which 49.1% were among Blacks/African Americans.
  • Of those tested who had a previous HIV diagnosis and were not known to be in care, 78% were in EHE jurisdictions and 58.5% were Black/African American.
  • Among the new HIV diagnoses among Black/African Americans in EHE areas, 79.2% were linked to care within 90 days, 71.4% were interviewed for partner services, and 81.8% received referrals to HIV prevention services. 
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