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HRSA Nurse Survey Results Released

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


There are nearly 4 million licensed registered nurses in the U.S. Most are employed. They span a diverse age range. Many make decent wages, although that depends on how many dependents in their families. These and other findings from HRSA's 2018 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses, first administered in 1977 and last issued in 2008.

The survey was sent to approximately 50,000 nurses. It achieved a 50% response rate from those with active RN licenses across all states.

Below are select summary findings:

  • Around 83 percent or RNs held a nursing-related job.
  • The average age of RNs approximates a bell curve. The average age is 50 but most (53%) are younger than 50. 
  • There is more diversity since the 2008 survey, with more minority and male nurses in the mix.

The survey presents additional findings, like involvement in Telehealth, educational attainment, and full- and part-time employment status.

Available: downloadable data from the survey, summary reports, and the questionnaire

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