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HRSA at USCA 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019


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Below is a summary of HRSA sessions at USCA 2019, including HRSA Pathway sessions (Saturday and Sunday as listed below), which is heavily focused on HRSA's role in the Ending the Epidemic Initiative. Other listed sessions include HRSA staff along with other presenters.

Thursday, September 5

Housing as an End to HIV 
This session will explain how Ryan White funds can be used to provide housing, leveraging of HOPWA funds, successful housing models, and the impact of stable housing on improved HIV health outcomes. HRSA project officer Amy Griffin is on the panel, presented by the National AIDS Housing Coalition.

Opening Plenary/Luncheon: Making it Real: The Federal Plan to End the Epidemic in America 
HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau Associate Administrator Dr. Laura Cheever will join a federal panel on Ending the HIV Epidemic.

Friday, September 6

Ending the Epidemic: The Role of HRSA Programs and Funding 
Dr. Cheever will join a panel on Ending the HIV Epidemic and will review the role of two HRSA programs: the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and the Health Centers Program.

HRSA Pathway Sessions

Saturday, September 7

Building on HRSA Programs’ Infrastructure Supporting Ending the HIV Epidemic
Learn about the alignment across the Ending the Epidemic Initiative and HRSA's RWHAP and Health Center Program.

HRSA presenters included: 

  • Steven Young
  • Chrissy Abrahms
  • Rene Sterling
  • Susan Robilotto

Community Engagement and Involvement of People with HIV
This session shared HRSA's current and proposed initiatives that focus on meaningful collaboration. Done via community engagement, and involvement of people with HIV.  Which has been a pillar of the Ryan White program since its enactment in 1990.

HRSA panelists included:

  • Chrissy Abrahms
  • Makeva Rhoden
  • Glenn Clark

Innovation through Implementation Science
A HRSA panel will discuss implementation science and its role in the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative.

Presenters included:

  • Antigone Dempsey
  • Stacy Cohen
  • April Stubbs-Smith
  • Corliss Heath

Sunday, September 8

Ending the HIV Epidemic Listening Session/Session para escuchar: Como acabar con la epidemia de HIV
This is an open dialogue forum to hear feedback and ideas on challenges, barriers, opportunities, and recommendations regarding technical assistance efforts needed to support the Ending the Epidemic Initiative's work. HRSA staff on hand to hear your thoughts are Steven Young, Susan Robilotto, and Antigone Dempsey.

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