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A Message from HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau on World AIDS Day

Friday, November 30, 2018


Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Recipients, 

Tomorrow, December 1st, the Health Resources and Services Administration’s HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA HAB) Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program observes World AIDS Day 2018.  This year’s theme is “Collaborating to End the HIV Epidemic.” 

Every year HRSA HAB commemorates World AIDS Day to show our long-standing commitment to those living with the disease and to remember and honor those who have died from HIV/AIDS in the United States and around the world. We continue to work together to improve health outcomes for people living with HIV by providing a comprehensive system of HIV care and treatment; strengthening the health workforce by training providers; and increasing HIV testing and support for people living with the disease.

HIV has transformed from what was once a deadly disease to now a manageable, chronic condition if there is access to high-quality health care, critical support services, and appropriate medications. Today people living with HIV who take HIV medication daily as prescribed and achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner. Such findings underscore the importance of why it is important to support models of HIV prevention and testing as well as effective interventions for linking people living with HIV into care, keeping them in care, and helping them adhere to their HIV medication.

This World AIDS Day, HRSA’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program remains committed to ending the HIV epidemic. Our agency works with those who are on the front lines of translating the latest science into practice, implementing the most effective evidence-based strategies, providing direct patient services, and using data and innovation to produce outcomes that save and improve lives.

While there is still more work to be done, especially among the most vulnerable populations who still struggle to get linked to care, remain in care, and achieve viral suppression,  we are encouraged by the significant progress our recipients and stakeholders have achieved over the past year.

HRSA is committed to increasing access to HIV care and treatment to support the effort to ending the HIV epidemic. Thank you for providing care and treatment critical to improving the lives of people with HIV.

Thank you,
Laura Cheever
Associate Administrator
Health Resources and Services Administration

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