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Opioid Resources from the Pacific AETC

Monday, September 16, 2019


An assortment of opioid treatment resources and learning opportunities are featured in the latest Opioid Response Newsletter of the Pacific AETC (9/16/19 edition).

Featured items include the following:

  • Two substance abuse treatment guidelines were recently released: (1) Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder and (2) Harm Reduction Approach to Treatment of All Substance Use Disorders, both by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute.
  • A reminder that the Substance Use Hotline of the Clinician Consultation Center has addiction experts available to provide consultations to other clinicians.
  • For jurisdictions assessing community opioid addiction issues, consider the online questions developed by the Hawai'i Opioid Initiative as part of its opioid awareness campaign. The questionnaire is for adults and seeks to gauge their risk for opioid dependences.
  • A jump in HIV cases in West Virginia, tied to opioid use.

Additional training opportunities, many of which are for agencies in the west, are also featured. The Pacific AETC is a part of the Opioid Response Network

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