Promote 1st Ever HIV/HCV Co-infection Awareness Day May 17

Promote 1st Ever HIV/HCV Co-infection Awareness Day May 17

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hepatitis C and HIV Awareness Day
From the AETC NCRC Email Newsletter - Please join the AETC NCRC and the HIV/HCV Co-infection COPL in promoting and honoring the first ever HIV/HCV Co-infection Awareness Day, May 17, 2018. This date was chosen to align with and support HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (May 18) and Hepatitis Testing Day (May 19) activities, during May, Hepatitis Awareness Month. The CDC estimates that 25% of PWLH in the U.S. are co-infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), and while barriers to accessing both HIV and HCV treatment persist, particularly for people of color, the message is clear - HCV is curable and should be treated regardless of patient readiness, comorbidities or socioeconomic status.

See HRSA's Increasing Hepatitis C Testing, Treatment, and Cure in People Living with HIV and access our TA and training resources on hepatitis care and treatment.

How to Participate in the Awareness Day

  • Start by using the hashtag #HIVHCVCoinfection and the awareness day logo on your website and in your social media messaging to promote the day and your awareness activities.
  • Health care professionals can utilize the HIV/HCV Co-infection: An AETC National Curriculum to increase their knowledge about HIV/HCV co-infection prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment, as well as the barriers and co-factors that impede optimal treatment outcomes for co-infected people of color, in particular.