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Recap: Summer Webinars on Practice Transformation, Culturally-specific Service Delivery

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Three Men

From the IHIP Listserv (see Innovations in Service Delivery) - Did you miss one of this summer’s IHIP webinars? Were there key take-a-ways from a webinar that you want to revisit or share with your colleagues? You’re in luck. The 2019 webinar series is archived, with slides and webinar transcripts.

Webinar Series: 

This webinar series focused on two types of evidence-informed interventions: Practice Transformation/Transformative Model interventions used to make structural changes to the workforce as a way to improve the provision of quality care to people with HIV and culturally-specific service delivery interventions that use a transnational framework to improve health outcomes among Latinos/as with HIV.

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