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Open Enrollment (OE) begins on November 1, 2022, and runs through January 15, 2023. This graphic depicts coverage start date according to the time of enrollment during OE. Click the graphic to expand the image.

Excerpts from the ACE TA Center Listserv

2023 Marketplace health insurance plans and prices are now available for review

Final Open Enrollment preparation checklist

1. Learn more about the Marketplace plans offered in your area. Contact your local RWHAP Part B ADAP or Part A Program to see if they are assessing and recommending plans for people with HIV. If no one in your area is analyzing Marketplace plans, preview plan options and prices on Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the offerings, help consumers identify the plan that best fits their needs using the ACE TA Center Health Care Plan Selection Worksheet.

2. Schedule enrollment appointments and help clients prepare to complete their application. Schedule enrollment appointments now and help clients gather the information and documentation they will need during their enrollment appointment. The following information is helpful to have during an enrollment appointment:

  • Information about the applicant and their household members including dates of birth, existing health coverage, income information and social security numbers if they have them
  • Their preferred hospital
  • The names of their primary care provider (PCP) and HIV specialist (if different), and any other health professionals they regularly see
  • A list of current HIV and non-HIV prescription medications and their dosage

3. Familiarize yourself with the different types of financial assistance for Marketplace plans available for eligible clients. It’s important to understand what kinds of financial support are available to help consumers pay for health insurance. Two types of financial assistance are available through the Marketplace: Premium Tax Credits (PTCs) and Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs). 

Learn more about PTCs and CSRs including who is eligible, how to apply, and the relationship between premium tax credits and tax filing by visiting the ACE TA Center FAQ on PTCs and CSRs, or completing the Understanding Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions eLearning Module.

Enrollment Promotion Tools

Use these‌ ACE TA Center ‌tools‌ and resources to promote enrollment during the 2023 Marketplace Open Enrollment period. Customize the editable PDFs with your own organization’s logo and contact information so that consumers know where to go for help.

Check out these Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) fact sheets for more information about how to assist clients in need of coverage:

Have a question? Email the HRSA ACE TA Center.

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