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RSR Deadline Extended to April 30

Friday, March 6, 2020


From the Ryan White Data TA Listserv - Dear RWHAP Recipients and Providers,

The RSR deadline has been extended to April 30. There are several TA providers listed below who are ready to help you with any RSR-related questions you may have.

  • Questions about the RSR? The RSR Instruction Manual is the #1 place to look for answers. It reviews every step required to complete the RSR for both recipients and providers, including FAQs and links to other important resources. If you're unable to find the answer in the Manual or need further TA, please reach out to DART or any of the other providers listed below.
  • Questions about EHB registration, access or permissions? Contact the EHBs Customer Support Center at 877-464-4772 or through their online request form.
  • Questions about reporting requirements, the status of a report, or a recipient-provider relationship? Contact Ryan White Data Support.
  • Questions about CAREWare? Please reach out to the CAREWare Help Desk. Please note that CAREWare 6 Version 47 is the minimum build required to complete the RSR.

As always, you can also contact the DART Team with any questions on data collection, mapping or extraction, data quality, TRAX, or other XML-related issues.

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