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Schedule Account Tune-Ups Now to Prepare for Open Enrollment

Friday, September 13, 2019


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From the ACE TA Center Listserv - Schedule Account Tune-Ups now to ensure clients are ready to enroll on November 1.

What is an Account Tune-Up?

An Account Tune-Up is a pre-enrollment appointment to help prepare clients for Open Enrollment. In states that use, clients only have 45 days to enroll in a health plan during Open Enrollment.

What is involved?

There are four main steps:
  1. Check paperwork, accounts, and payments.
  2. Review finances.
  3. Confirm enrollment in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), including ADAP. 
  4. Help clients prepare for enrollment and schedule enrollment appointments.

Why do an Account Tune-Up?

These appointments help ensure:
  • Marketplace accounts are up-to-date prior to Open Enrollment.
  • No past insurance payments are owed.
  • Income taxes are filed and reconciled to ensure future eligibility for Advance Premium Tax Credits.
  • Clients understand the importance of health coverage.
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