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The Service You Get from the CAREWare Listserv

Thursday, October 25, 2018


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If you ask a question on the CAREWare listserv, you are going to get an answer. We offer this latest example: the Baltimore Part A EMA CAREWare administrator, Stephon Effinger, wanted "any verbiage or documentation on clients consenting for their data to be collected and shared in CAREWare."

Client consent language is of course common but sample language was asked for as the EMA expanded CAREWare to include HIV testing and PrEP referral data and wanted to "mitigate concerns that providers are having in relation to client consent." 

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A little over an hour later, Community AIDS Resource and Education Services of Southwest Michigan offered the following: 

I understand that the agency, as a nonprofit organization, depends both on Federal and State funding sources. These funding sources enable the agency to provide services at no cost to clients.  I understand that, for the agency to continue its eligibility to receive said funding, it is periodically required to participate in a government auditing process that may include examination of the agency’s client-related data.  I understand that my case file may be included in said audits.

Furthermore, I understand that the agency is required to enter certain information regarding my case into a secure electronic data system and that access to the information is limited to the agency staff and authorized technical support staff.  I also understand that some limited information in the electronic data may be shared with other agencies if they also provide me with services and are part of the same data network.  All auditors, federal, and state employees shall be bound by State and/or Federal confidentiality laws. 

Any disclosures of information to third parties will be limited to information that is necessary to accomplish the need or purpose for the disclosure that is permitted by federal and state (MCL333.5131) confidentiality laws.

I understand that I may revoke my consent for services at any time except to the extent that the program has already acted on it. 

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