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Tips for Updating CAREWare 6

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


From HRSA HAB - Large CAREWare operations are reporting to the CAREWare Help Desk that upgrades to CAREWare 6 can take between 2 and 14 hours. The piece that takes the longest is the one-time upgrade of encrypted data in in the CAREWare database to new encrypted formats (AES256 or bcrypt).

Here are a few tips to help you get through large upgrades with the least amount of pain.

  • Test the conversion on a test server prior to converting to your production server in order to obtain a good estimate of the time it will take.
  • If you have PII encryption turned on in CW5, you can turn it off before running the upgrade and then and turn it back on after the upgrade, if necessary.  Note that if you are a large operation, CAREWare internal PII encryption is not recommended as long as your IT department can encrypt SQL Server data through more efficient means, such as encrypting the hard drive and backups.
  • Do not stop the business tier in the middle of the upgrade.  If you check the event log and it says that a DT update is running, just let it run.
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