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Updated ADR Schema Implementation Guide and Validations Now Available

Thursday, December 20, 2018


From the DART Team Listserv - Dear ADAPs: In preparation for the 2018 ADR Submission, several resources have been updated that we recommend accessing and reviewing. 

ADR Schema Implementation Guide and ADR Download Package

For the 2018 ADR there is one change to the ADR schema. HAB will be adding an HIV indeterminate response option for HIV Status which will result in a slight modification to the schema.  A new ADAP Data Report (ADR) XML Schema Implementation Guide has been posted on TargetHIV and any needed changes will be incorporated into CAREWare and TRAX

The ADAP Data Report (ADR) Download Package has also been updated and now includes the newly released schema implementation guide and revised schema definition files. 

ADR Validations

The 2018 ADR Validations report has been updated and are now available. All changes are highlighted in yellow within the document.

If you have questions, please contact the DART Team

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