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Training Guide for RWHAP Part A Planning Councils/Planning Bodies: A Member’s First Planning Cycle

December 2018
Author: EGM Consulting LLC

Planning CHATT

Planning CHATT

The Training Guide is designed to help planning councils/planning bodies (PC/PB) conduct orientation and ongoing training to prepare members to participate fully in RWHAP Part A planning and decision making.

Composed of ten modules including trainer notes, presentation slides, experiential activities and quick reference handouts, the Training Guide makes it quicker and easier to plan and conduct PC/PB trainings, including:

  • Orientation of new PC/PB members
  • Skills training for PC/PB committees
  • Mini-training sessions during regular PC/PB meetings
  • Training for recipient staff working with the PC/PB
  • Introduction to PC/PBs for potential members

Trainers can select and customize training materials to meet their jurisdiction’s needs.

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