TargetHIV: New Name, New Look


It's easier than ever to stay on target. The Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) technical assistance (TA) and training website has undergone a major update. It is now easier for users to access tools and materials for the RWHAP.

The website, formerly called TARGET Center, is now named TargetHIV. Beyond the name change, there have been multiple revisions and updates, including a new look, easier navigation, and an uncluttering of content.

Read on to find out more about the new site. And as you read along, take the Quiz.

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If you ever Googled "TARGET Center" you probably already knew this. Adding "HIV" to our name and web address will help distinguish us in online search engines. ;)

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Why the Name Change?

CATIE: CARE Act Technical Information and Education

In 2004, HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) created its first TA and training website. In 2006, that site became the Technical Assistance Resource, Guidance, Education, and Training (TARGET) Center, and the centralization of RWHAP TA resources continued.

TargetHIV was selected to clearly convey the website's focus: HIV care and TA resources to support RWHAP programs as they deliver services to populations most in need. The new URL——is easier to type, spell, and remember but isn't so different that our long-time users will get lost. Search "TargetHIV" to find us. The name change also includes a logo that conveys a drive toward solutions.

Did Anything Else Change?

Quite a lot. Here are some highlights of our revamped TargetHIV website. Rest assured that the old links you may have saved still work, but use TargetHIV moving forward.

The Design

Our goal was to simplify the site's look and feel to allow the most important content to stand out.

Changes include the following:

  • Larger and more distinctive fonts that are easier to read
  • More white space to allow your eye to focus
  • New widgets to facilitate sharing a page via email or social media

All these revisions make the site much easier to navigate, read, and share.

The Technology


We expect this to increase in the coming months and years.

These changes involved a huge number of technological updates, many of which our users may not notice.

For example:

  • The site is optimized for mobile devices (cell phones and tablet computers). This means the content will look great no matter how it is being accessed
  • The coding structure is optimized for accessibility and screen readers used by persons with disabilities
  • Metadata, used by search engines and social media sites, are used throughout, making it easier to find us online

The Content

Working with HRSA HAB and current TA providers, we archived 550 items or 45% of the library collection.

There are still more than 800 resources on TargetHIV. However, we archived much of the older content to eliminate duplicative and outdated resources. 

There are new resources on the site as well.

  • About 30% of the resources in the library were added just in the past year, developed by HRSA HAB and the multiple TA projects that HRSA supports
  • The Ryan White Community page provides an orientation to the RWHAP for new program staff
  • The former "Grantee Locator" is now the "Program Locator" to reflect a shift in preferred language. Its new interface makes searching for recipients and planning councils much easier.

Work in Progress

TargetHIV is always on an ongoing quality improvement cycle, and we already have a "post-launch" to-do list. We always appreciate hearing directly from users on the site as a whole, or individual pages or features. Use the "Was this page helpful" feedback form on this page, or our feedback page to tell us what you think.