Methamphetamine Use among Black MSM with HIV

Thursday, February 22, 2024 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm EST
Technical Assistance Provider Innovation Network (TAP-in)

Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) by Addressing Methamphetamine Use among Black Gay, Bisexual, Same-Gender-Loving (GBSGL) Men with HIV

This 90-minute webinar will review how Methamphetamine (Meth) is a key driver of the HIV epidemic for Black gay, bisexual, and same-gender-loving (GBSGL) men. This is the fourth TAP-in webinar addressing substance use disorders and EHE jurisdictions, and the first to focus on Black GBSGL men, a priority population for many EHE jurisdictions across the US.

Presenters and panelists will review the epidemiology of the Methamphetamine epidemic as it relates to HIV, discuss how the brains of Methamphetamine users function differently from non-users, and the implications for EHE efforts. They will share evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions assisting users achieve better HIV and health outcomes. A pilot contingency management (CM) program for Meth users in California will be discussed as “hope for the future,” as CM is the best evidence-based intervention for Methamphetamine Use Disorder. A health department/community collaborative effort focused specifically on Black GBSGL men who use Meth will also be discussed.

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to

  • Share the perspectives of Black men with HIV who use or used Meth on what health departments, HIV service providers, and planning councils need to do to help improve individual and community HIV health outcomes for this population.
  • Review evidence-based interventions for Meth users, as well as community and other programs focused on the needs of Black GBSGL men with HIV who use Meth.
  • Maximize HIV treatment outcomes while reducing harm and stigma for Black GBSGL men with HIV who use Meth.
  • Access technical assistance (TA) for EHE jurisdictions implementing or considering local interventions for Black GBSGL men with HIV who use Meth.



William Bland, MBA., MPH
Deputy Director, Technical Assistance Provider-innovation network (TAP-in)


  • Panel of men with lived experience
  • Keith R. Green, PhD, MSW
    Executive Director – Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus
    Co-Chair – Chicago Methamphetamine Task Force
  • Roger Sediles
    Program Manager, Substance Use Programs
    APLA Health
  • Thomas E. Freese, PhD
    Director, UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
    Co-Director, Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center, HHS Region 9

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