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Client Diagnostic Questionnaire (CDQ): The Packet

January 1, 2002
Author: Angela Aldala, PhD, Jennifer Havens, MD, Michelle Peake, Med, Theresa Keane

Cicatelli Associates (CAI)

Client Diagnostic Questionnaire

A screening tool designed for use by non-mental health professionals to assess mental health psychiatric disorders prevalent among persons infected with HIV or at high risk of infection.

The tool, which takes 15-20 minutes to complete, is a modification of the PRIME-MD screening tool. Included in this packet is a Training Manual, User Guide, and the CDQ screening tool.

See also: "Development and Validation of the Client Diagnostic Questionnaire (CDQ): A Mental Health Screening Tool for Use in HIV/AIDS Service Settings," Aidala, et. al., Psychology, Health, and Medicine, v.9, n.3, August 2004.

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