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Educational Videos for Women of Color with HIV

August 2020
Author: AIDS United, Boston University School of Social Work Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health

Dissemination of Evidence Informed-Interventions Project (DEII)

This series of six brief, animated videos provides HIV-specific patient education that is tailored for women of color with HIV. The videos correspond to a structured patient education curriculum that is a core component of the DEII Enhanced Patient Navigation for Women of Color with HIV intervention.

However, the videos can be adapted to be used in relationships between peers, navigators, or community health workers and their clients. As services have transitioned to a remote format, these videos can also be used as conversation starters in virtual groups or client interactions. They are all also available in Spanish.

The videos are housed here on the TargetHIV website and on AIDS United’s YouTube channel. You can find additional patient education information on these six topics within the Enhanced Patient Navigation for Women of Color with HIV Training Manual and associated intervention tools.

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