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RSR-Ready Data Systems Vendor Information

June 12, 2020

Data Integration, Systems and Quality (DISQ) Team

Many software systems, including EHRs, lab systems and case management systems, generate the RSR. These systems also have internal validations and reports that allow the provider to check the quality and completeness of the RSR data before upload.

The table below presents the following information about the various RSR-Ready Systems:

  • Build Number
  • Number of users in 2018
  • Vendor websites and contact information
  • Release timing of versions that create a compliant 2019 file 

During the Fall of 2019, the DART team has been working with RSR-ready systems to test files to ensure they have incorporated 2019 changes correctly. For more information about a particular data system, please contact the appropriate data system vendor. For general questions about selecting an RSR-Ready System, email the DART team. Or you may refer to the “Software Systems” topic area in the “Browse for More” section of this page. 

DART offers routine webinars for some EHR user groups then documents and shares the questions and solutions discussed on the webinars. You can sign up for them and also find RSR-related resources by EHRs and DART on the EHR User Resources page.


The Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and their associated Bureaus in no manner endorse or sponsor the aforementioned listed vendors or their products or offerings. This listing is based on self-report and successful upload of a test report.

RSR-Ready System
Version # 
Providers in 2018 Contact Info on the RSR 2019 Version Release Timeline


53 Larry Spiegel
Data Quality Reports
December 2019




CA ARIES Help Desk

Contact the CA ARIES Help Desk December 2019


192 TX ARIES Help Desk  Contact the TX ARIES Help Desk January 2020
(Version 3.0)
1 Yehuda Charm
212-780-1450 ext 8026
Check with system representative November 2019

(Version 6; Build 47)

885 CAREWare Help Desk
Data Quality Reports
October 2019

Casewatch Millennium
(Version 9.2)

56 Andy Corrigan
323-460-7700 ext 12
Check with system representative October 2019

(Release 3.5.880)

35 Dennis Leary
Check with system representative for info on RSR & Data Quality Reports November 2019

(Build 6.1)

9 Doug Dauphin
Check with system representative January 2020

eClinicalWorks a

  Kelli Smith
508-836-2700 x5902 
RSR October 2019
eCOMPAS  80 Jesse Thomas
973-773-0244 ext 1001
RSR December 2019
Epic Not available in 2018 Contact your local representative Anyone with an Epic Ambulatory license can access information about the RSR module through this link October 2019

(Version 12.0)


eShare Technical Assistance

Check with system representative

January 2020
NextGen 4 Success Community Technical Contact Download RSR Functionality July 2019
Provide Enterprise
(Build 5.10.100012)
69 Bret Ballinger
Check with system representative November 2019

(Build 7.0)

25 Correen Macchi Check with system representative November 2019

a The RSR functionality is available to users for an additional fee. The number of providers that used eClinicalWorks is unavailable because the system creates the TRAX .CSV files instead of an XML file.

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