AIDS Drug Assistance Program Client Characteristics


The AIDS Drug Assistance Program Client Characteristics screen (see Figure 12) shows demographic characteristics of RWHAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) clients.

ADAP is a state- and territory-administered program that provides medications and access to health care coverage to low-income people with HIV who are uninsured or underinsured.

The initial view shows the most recent national ADAP data. Select a jurisdiction and a service category from the dropdown menus to change the data displayed.

Figure 12

  1. ADAP Clients Served Map
    This map shows the national or state-level information about ADAP clients for the selected year.

  2. ADAP Program Clients
    This chart shows the number of ADAP clients for the selected location.

  3. ADAP Clients Served by Year
    This graph shows the number of clients for the selected location over a five-year period. 

  4. ADAP Clients by Age 
    This bar chart shows the percentage of clients in each age group. 

  5. ADAP Clients by Gender 
    This pie chart shows the distribution of client gender. Transgender clients may include transgender male-to-female (MTF), transgender female-to-male (FTM), or transgender other.

  6. ADAP Clients by Race/Ethnicity 
    This bar chart shows the percentage of clients in each race/ethnicity category. 

  7. ADAP Clients by Federal Poverty Level 
    This pie chart shows the percent distribution of income level as a percent of FPL. 

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