Standardized Performance

The Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) funds grants to states, cities, counties, and local community-based organizations to provide HIV medical care, treatment, and essential support services for low-income people with HIV.

Recipients funded by the RWHAP differ in many important aspects, including the characteristics of the clients they serve. The RWHAP Compass Dashboard provides standardized performance tools to support jurisdictional comparison and evaluation.

Step 1: Standardized Outcome Measure

A statistical model is applied to the observed outcome measure (viral suppression or retention in care) that adjusts for key client characteristics.

Step 2: Standardized Performance Score

The observed outcome measure is compared to the standardized outcome measure to calculate the standardized performance score.

Step 3: Assign Range

Standardized Performance is reported as a quintile to demonstrate where a score falls within the range of all jurisdictions

Standardized Performance is displayed as a gauge on the RWHAP Compass Dashboard.

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