New Web Resource: Integrating Oral Health

Check out this new content from the SAMHSA/HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions:

This web feature includes an overview, tips, and case study about addressing oral health in integrated health care settings. 

  • In what way is your organization already using any of these tips? Do you have tips that aren't addressed? Let us know.


Can anyone please clear up the sliding fee scale issue for me? In general I have been told that PLWHA are not eligible for Ryan White services if they have income (household or individual???) that is over the 500% of the federal poverty guideline. However in the RW medical world and I assume the dental treatment world, if a person has income at or below the federal poverty level we are not allowed to charge them anything for their care and treatment. If they have income above the federal poverty level for themselves (household?) we refer to the sliding fee scale. At one of our federal RW site visits we were advised that we could charge a flat fee for those with income above the federal poverty level so we charge $10 but never turn anyone away if they show for their appointment without the money. All the information I read is related to medical care and not dental and we have some confusion among the various RW Parts (Part B, C, D, F) about charging our $10. Is there a clear guidance on this?