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Intervention Guide— SPNS Demonstration Model on State Bridge Counseling Re-engagement Intervention

October 2018


This guide examines an intervention focused on client re-engagement that employed intensive state/regional field outreach to clients who previously were in care but are not currently consistent users of care and/or have been out of care for six to nine months, and could not be re-engaged via local clinic outreach methods.

The HIV care continuum refers to the fluid nature of HIV care delivery and client experiences. This framework has received attention as research has demonstrated the importance of moving clients along the HIV care continuum with the goals of being fully linked, engaged, retained, and virally suppressed. Therefore, finding programs that help clients move along the stages of the continuum, as the one featured here, are particularly important.

This intervention guide highlights the following:

  • Intervention steps at-a-glance to provide an overview of featured activities
  • Resource checklists outlining necessary capacity for replication
  • Staffing table with personnel overviews
  • Narrative sections to walk readers through process for replication

This intervention was initially implemented in a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded site, so those recipients who may be seeing similar populations, and who are facing similar challenges, may also benefit.

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