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Replication Resources: SPNS Systems Linkages and Access to Care

March 2017

SPNS Systems Linkages Project

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Presented below are resources to support programs in replicating the evidence-informed interventions of the HRSA Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Initiative: Systems Linkages and Access to Care for Populations at High Risk of HIV Infection. The "Systems Linkages" Initiative was a multi-state demonstration project and evaluation of innovative models for linkage to and retention in HIV care. The initiative funded six demonstration states.

They were tasked with designing, implementing, and evaluating innovative strategies to integrate different components of the public health system such as the following:

  • Surveillance
  • Counseling and testing
  • Treatment to create new and effective systems of linkages and retention in care for hard to reach populations who have never been in care
  • Populations that have fallen out of care, or are at-risk for falling out of care 
  • Populations of interest who were at high risk for, and/or infected with, HIV but are unaware of their HIV status 
  • Populations aware of their HIV infection but have never been referred to care, or are aware but have refused referral to care
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