Finding and Using the Best Data Sources to Support EHE Strategies

Technical Assistance Provider Innovation Network (TAP-In)

Your jurisdiction is implementing new and innovative models of care and interventions to end the HIV epidemic – do you have the right data sources to support these efforts?

TAP-in provides programmatic technical assistance to improve your capacity to identify and use data to:

  • Increase the frequency and quality of data sharing from various sources
  • Improve health outcomes for people with HIV
  • Improve decision making on resource allocation

In this interactive on-line TA event, our subject matter experts, who live and breathe data, provide you some tips on linking to the best data sources and helping the EHE team in your jurisdiction to integrate data management into implementation activities.

This webinar was intended for EHE jurisdictions, including your partners and subrecipients, and was specifically designed for data managers and analysts.

Webinar Sections

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Opening, Agenda Tap-in review (0:00)

Opening. Agenda. Tap-in Review

Webinar Objectives (2:17)

HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau on the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative, policies and programs that support rapid ART.

How EHE funding is different from other RWHAP funding  (4:22)

RWHAP serves over half of all people with diagnosed HIV in the United States. EHE aims to bring new clients and services into RWHAP.

The EHE initiative highlights the need for more information and data for jurisdictions on priority populations (8:15)

What you already know. What you don’t know. What data sources you need.

Accessing and Analyzing Surveillance Data (18:09)

How to access and analyze Surveillance Data. Relationship Building with Surveillance. Defining Your Population. Establishing Data Use Agreements (DUA) to Access Surveillance Data. Technical Aspects.

Detroit Health Department & Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (31:55)

Data to Care. CAREWare Statewide Integration. Lab Importing. Facilitators.

Q & A (43:12)

Tap-in Technical Assistance Offerings/ How to request Technical Assistance. Closing Remarks (52:25)  

TAP-in Responds to Data-related TA Requests. 

EHE Jurisdiction 1

  • Data Systems Workgroup – data sharing approach with state surveillance • Process mapping – diagnosis to 1st appointment

EHE Jurisdiction 2

  • Data to Care activities
  • Contributing factors for PWH in care but not virally suppressed 

EHE Jurisdiction 3

  • Data needs to enhance rapid ART and jail linkage



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