HRSA EHE Quarterly Recipient Webinars


In February 2020, HHS awarded $117 Million to End the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. Approximately $63 million was awarded to Health Resources and Services (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) to 60 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients to link people with HIV who are either newly diagnosed, or are diagnosed but currently not in care, to essential HIV care and treatment and support services, as well as to provide workforce training and technical assistance.

The following quarterly EHE recipient webinars provide HRSA-HAB funded EHE recipients the opportunity to learn about updates with the initiative, review data trends, and a means to share their EHE activities with their counterparts.

Watch the videos and jump to the time codes for presentations of interest.

March 2023 Webinar

  • Program Updates (e.g., EHE Awards, Federal Financial Reports, Carryover Requests) (3:34)
  • AETC Updates (7:38)
  • Partnerships (9:52)
  • Recipient Spotlight (Las Vegas Part A TGA (22:25)
  • Recipient Spotlight (Memphis/Shelby County Part A TGA (41:23)
  • Feedback Comments on Survey (57:39)

December 2022 Webinar

  • Program Updates (FY2023 EHE Funding Awards, Comprehensive Site Visits, Triannual Data Module, New EHE Staff) (2:06)
  • Data and Evaluation Updates (5:49)
  • Recipient Presentation: Fulton County Department of HIV Elimination (8:59)
  • Questions (31:15)
  • Reminders (40:55)

September 2022 Webinar

  • Program Updates (Upcoming Site Visits, Submissions) (2:04)/li>
  • AETC Updates (7:47)
  • Data and Evaluation Updates (14:00)
  • Recipient Panel Discussion (Jacksonville, San Francisco, Tarrant County (19:26)

June 2022 Webinar

  • Review of the FYI 2021 and FYI 2022 Reporting Requirements Webinar (7:16)
  • Overview of the EHE comprehensive site visits (9:14)
  • RW2022 Conference

March 2022 Webinar

  • HAB's New Website (3:17)
  • RW2022 Conference (6:11)
  • Program Updates (8:39)
  • Reporting Requirements (13:05)
  • EHE Community Engagement Virtual Listening Sessions (23:24)
  • AETC Updates
    • AETC regional activities in the last quarter: Updates from Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, and New England AETCs (39:15)
  • EHE Qualitative Data and Findings (45:09)

December 2021 Webinar

  • Welcome and EHE Overview (1:28)
  • RW2022 Update (3:08)
  • Program Updates (7:19)
  • EHE Data Report (8:17)
  • Community Engagement (15:30)
  • 2019 EHE Community Listening Sessions: Key Themes (18:13)

Recipient Highlights

  • Cuyahoga County (Ending the HIV Epidemic: Community Engagement) (24:55)
  • University of Miami (Five-Point Initiative: Non-traditional Collaboration) (48:31)
  • HAB: How Can RWHAP and EHE Recipients Integrate Community Engagement Into Their Efforts (1:05:15)

September 2021 Webinar

  • Welcome (3:17)
  • HRSA Vision and Mission (5:02)
  • HRSA Program Updates (6:02) (FFR and Carryover, NCC Submission, Site Reviews)

Recipient Spotlight

  • Orange County, FL (9:04) (Jurisdiction Overview, EHE Jail Linkage Initiative with Orange County Jail, TAP-in TA to Develop Linkage Initiative, Outcome Measures Developed, Future Steps)

AETC Overview (25:03) (regional and national centers, AETC TA Related to Each EHE Pillar, AETC Tools App

AETC Presentations

  • Northeast Caribbean (38:28) (Pillar 2 Project: coalition to overcoming intersecting stigmas: Stigma and Resilience Project; EHE Collaborative Activities)
  • AETC: Mid-Atlantic (47:55) (Pillar 4 Project: Cluster/Outbreaks: AETC Critical Incident Model, Outbreak Content TA and Training)

Data Updates (1:06:45) (EHE Triannual Report, EHE Data Table)

June 2021 Webinar

  • Welcome and EHE Overview (4:22)
  • FY21 Financial Wrap-up (5:49)
  • EHE Site Reviews (7:01)
  • EHE Data Dissemination Updates (10:04)
  • EHE National Evaluation Updates (12;07)
  • Tri-Yearly Progress Report Overview (14:14)

Recipient Highlights

  • South Carolina (22:18) (e.g., SC HIV Data Overview, EHE Plan Process, SC EHE Program Overview [e.g., rapid continuum of care], Linkage to Care and First Visit Metrics, Challenges and Obstacles)
  • Detroit (39:45) (e.g., Mission, HIV Data Overview, Revisions to EHE Plan Given Funding Awarded, Innovative Sites (e.g., housing resource navigation, specialized case management, telehealth navigation, behavioral health and in-home phlebotomy, community resource navigation, HIV stigma and text messaging], Community Engagement Activities, Responses to Community Consultations)

March 2021 Webinar

  • Welcome and EHE Overview (1:31)
  • Role of ADAPs (8:04)
  • EHE Technical Assistance Providers (10:36)
  • Early Data, EHE Triannual Module (14:00)

Recipient Highlights

  • Seattle-King County (e.g., Leadership Team, Prevention/Care Resource Integration, Opening of Low Barrier HIV Clinics, PrEP Expansion, Managing Cluster Outbreak) (22:42)
  • Tampa-Hillsborough County (38:41) (e.g., EHE Start-Up Activities, Challenges in a non-ACA State, Procurement and Contracting, Services Prioritized Given Lower Funding Level [EIS, Health Education and Risk Reduction], Performance Measures to Track Priority Services)

Role of Community Engagement in EHE (49:56) (e.g., Guiding Principles, HRSA Listening Sessions)

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