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Special Enrollment Periods Consumer Fact Sheet

March 2019

ACE TA Center

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Clients who are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period can enroll in a new Marketplace health insurance plan. Or they can change plans outside of the standard Open Enrollment period.

Special Enrollment Periods are triggered by life events, such as:

  • Moving to another state
  • Having a baby
  • Losing other health coverage, like a lost job
  • A change in Medicaid eligibility
  • Certain types of errors that may have occurred during the application process

This provides an overview of the life events and special circumstances that may qualify them for a Special Enrollment Period. As well as information about what to do if they think they are eligible.

Please note. The information in this resource reflects policy at the date of publication. Generally it has not been updated to reflect any changes subsequent to the date of publication.

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