ESCALATE Training will facilitate transformative and relational change in RWHAP by increasing participants' knowledge and skills to recognize and address HIV-related stigma within their organizations and communities they serve. This is facilitated through a deepening awareness of and practices for cultural humility amongst people with HIV. Trainers create an equitable and transformational environment for RWHAP providers to learn with and from their people with HIV partners.

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Through the training, trainees will:

  • Learn about the impact of HIV-related stigma, bias, and discrimination in health care
  • Learn the skills to engage in “difficult dialogues” to address HIV-related stigma at the interpersonal and organizational levels
  • Learn about the role of implicit bias in decision-making and health outcomes
  • Demonstrate skills to engage in critical self-reflection of implicit bias and privilege
  • Learn about and demonstrate approaches, strategies, and methods to deepen cultural humility and culturally humble practices
  • Utilize an organizational assessment to identify opportunities to address HIV-related stigma
  • Identify one area of privilege for further examination and self-reflection
  • Develop an action plan to address HIV-related stigma at the organizational level
  • Learn methods for and engage in self-care activities to support RWHAP providers and people with HIV involved in anti-stigma work

Stigma Reduction Teams

Training applicants can apply for the training as a Stigma Reduction Team. Stigma Reduction Teams will represent a collaboration between community and organization, and consist of 1 person with HIV and at least 1 RWHAP partner. A Stigma Reduction Team may have multiple RWHAP partners, but must always have 1 person with HIV as a partner.

Through training, individuals will learn how to facilitate transformative and relational change in RWHAP and the communities they serve through deepening awareness of and practices for cultural humility amongst people with HIV and RWHAP providers and professionals.

Stigma Reduction Teams who complete training should consider approaching their respective organizations to participate in future Technical assistance (TA) and Learning Collaboratives (LCs). Organizations that show a willingness to implement anti-stigma interventions demonstrate potential readiness for TA/LCs.

ESCALATE Training Schedule: Year One (September 2020-August 2021)

The ESCALATE Training Program includes:

  • 1 hour Orientation Session (virtual)
  • 1-2 hour Pre-Work Sessions for People with HIV and RWHAP Partners (virtual)
  • 5-day (5 hrs/day) Training (virtual in year 1)
  • Access to the on-demand HIV-E Learning Platform