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Incorporating Hepatitis C in Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Planning: Health Department Challenges and Lessons Learned in Aligning Resources, Strategies, and Services to End the Epidemics

January 2020

IHAP TA Center

In recent years, the implementation of health care reform and scientific advances in infectious disease treatment has transformed patient access to prevention and cure therapy. To further these opportunities, health departments are integrating infectious disease services. Including hepatitis C virus (HCV), into HIV prevention and care planning to better address community needs. Also leveraging resources, improving efficiencies, and enhancing coordination of service delivery.

Many health departments included HCV prevention and care services in their Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans. They are in the process of implementing, monitoring, and evaluating HCV services as part of their plans. The inclusion of HCV services and programs can require significant structural changes and funding re-alignment. This webinar was hosted by the Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center. It focused on the challenges and promising practices on leveraging HIV prevention and care programs. Outlining the inclusion of HCV services within health departments. The webinar featured guest presenters who detailed their jurisdictions’ efforts to integrate HCV into its HIV prevention and care services. Including the resources needed, and community level training and tracking HCV related data.

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