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Louisiana Public Health Information Exchange: Case Study, Overview, and Replication Tips

July 2017


This innovative, evidence-informed intervention facilitates bidirectional information exchange between hospital system records and public health surveillance data to identify and link out-of-care HIV-positive clients back to care and treatment.  

This replication guide is aimed at health care providers, social support providers, and technical assistance trainers across all health settings. This intervention was initially implemented in a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded site. Therefore, those grantees who may be seeing similar populations, and who are facing similar challenges, may also benefit greatly.


  • Intervention steps at-a-glance to provide an overview of featured activities
  • Resource checklists outlining necessary capacity for replication
  • Staffing table with personnel overviews
  • Narrative sections to walk readers through processes for replication

This case study focuses on the Linkage to Care continuum of care step.

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