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Clinical Aspects of Buprenorphine Therapy Webinar

October 9, 2012


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In this webinar, clinicians from two Ryan White clinics with successful buprenorphine programs describe what buprenorphine is, how it works, what opioids do to the brain, how buprenorphine differs from methadone, important drug-drug interactions, the concept of precipitated withdrawal and how to recognize it, how to determine patient eligibility, and clinical aspects of working with opioid-addicted people living with HIV.

Presenters Pamela Vergara-Rodriguez, MD, (CORE Center in Chicago), and Jacqueline Tulsky, MD (University of California at San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital), also describe the challenges and successes of the SPNS buprenorphine projects at their institutions.

Visit the Integrating HIV Innovative Practices webpage to learn more about integrating buprenorphine into HIV primary care settings and to access additional training materials.

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