Integrating Hep C Treatment into HIV Care


Implementation Guide: Delivering Hepatitis C Treatment in an HIV Care Setting

This guide synthesizes findings from the federally funded Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Hepatitis C Treatment Expansion Initiative, which focused on HCV treatment among coinfected patients. SPNS grantees implemented HCV treatment into their HIV primary care settings and those lessons learned are captured here. The target audience for this guide includes health care provider sites and community partners with an interest in treating HCV among their HIV-positive coinfected patients.

Case Studies

These case studies highlight evidence-informed interventions focused on treating HIV and HCV coinfection. The case studies include: Intervention steps at-a-glance to provide an overview of featured activities, resource checklists outlining necessary capacity for replication, staffing table with personnel overviews, and narrative sections to walk readers through processes for replication.

Pocket Guide

In the following Pocket Guide: Addressing the Care Continuum: Addressing HIV/HCV Coinfection you will find highlights of the project broken down into easily readable, bulleted, and visually engaging information. This pocket guide will go over the key information from the intervention, including key staff and participants, objectives for the interventions, rationale, method, key items to consider for replication and resources.