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Transition HIV+ Youth from Adolescent to Adult Services: Adolescent Provider Toolkit

October 2010
Author: Cicatelli Associates, Inc.


Transitioning HIV Positive Youth to Adult Care

Toolkit for implementing a comprehensive program to support HIV-positive youth transitioning from adolescent to adult HIV care. Also provides information on how to set up and supervise a program for young adult leaders on self-management and life skills.

  • Section I - addresses the support needed from the Adolescent and Adult Providers to ease the transition for HIV+ youth, with these tools: Transitioning: What to Expect, Choosing the Adult Clinic, Steps to Developing a Relationship with the Adult Provider, Sample Adolescent/Adult Provider MOU, Clinical Summary Template, Preparing the Youth to Meet the Adult Provider, Setting Program Goals, Transition Program Exit Survey.
  • Section 2 - addresses setting up the Young Adult Leader Mentorship Program, with tools for everything from recruiting and screening volunteers, to making effective matches between volunteers and transitioning youth. Tools include: Who Should Be Involved?, Young Adult Leaders Job Description, Sample Job Description, Sample Recruitment Flier, Screening Potential Volunteers, Sample Interview Guide, Orienting Young Adult Leaders, Making a Match, Facilitating the Match.
  • Section 3 - provides the tools needed to supervise the Mentorship Program and ensure that any issues are addressed in a timely manner, with tools covering: Creating a Supervision Plan, Sample Supervision Checklist, Group Supervision Plan.
  • Section 4 - guides for creating a policies and procedures manual so that the program, once established, can be continued, expanded and replicated with ease. Tools are: Setting Boundaries, Sample Confidentiality Agreement, Creating a Manual, Policies and Procedures Examples.
  • Section 5 - tools for Adolescent Providers to support their Young Adult Leaders in their own self-management and life skills. Includes these tools: Self-Management Checklist, Life Skills Checklist
  • Section 6 - a copy of the Young Adult Leader toolkit with answer keys for the Adolescent Provider where appropriate.


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