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Module 2. Roles and Responsibilities

December 2018

Planning CHATT


To familiarize Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A planning council/planning body (PC/ PB) members with their roles and responsibilities in community planning and their important role in working with the Part A recipient to address the local HIV epidemic – and to ensure that recipient and PC/PB support staff share the same understanding of the role and importance of HIV community planning and of each entity’s roles, responsibilities, and boundaries.

Content Overview

  • Definition and Components of Community Health Planning
  • Overview of RWHAP Part A HIV Community Planning Requirements
  • Uniqueness and Value of RWHAP Part A PC/PBs
  • Evolution of Roles in the Legislation and HRSA/HAB Guidance
  • PC/PB Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recipient Roles and Responsibilities
  • Boundaries and Separation of Roles
  • Similarities and Differences in Roles of Planning Councils and Planning Bodies
  • Establishing and Maintaining a Comprehensive System of HIV Care
  • Service Categories Fundable under RWHAP Part A: Core Medical and Supportive Services
  • Role of Data in Planning and Decision Making
  • Role of PC/PBs in Addressing Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Central Roles of PLWH and Consumers in Planning
  • Benefits of Consumer Involvement
  • Maximizing Consumer Participation Opportunities

Materials for this Module

  Module 2: Notes for Trainers

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