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Module 3. Overview of the RWHAP Part A Annual Planning Cycle

January 2019

Planning CHATT


To help new Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A planning council/planning body (PC/PB) members and committee members become familiar with the planning cycle as implemented each year, and identify approaches to collaboration between the PC/PB and recipient that contribute to meeting annual deadlines.

Content overview

  • Integrated Plan Review/Updates
  • Annual Work Plan: “Plan to Plan”
  • Epidemiologic Profile and Needs Assessment
  • Review of All Data • Priority Setting and Resource Allocation (PSRA)
  • Data Review and Reallocation
  • Evaluation and Planning Outcomes
  • Special Considerations for Integrated Prevention-Care Planning Bodies
  • Key Planning Challenges
  • Responsibilities of Individual PC/PB Members
  • Committee Roles
  • Responsibilities of the PC/PB as a Whole
  • Shared Responsibilities
  • Flow Chart Showing How the PC/PB and Recipient Work Together
  • Importance of Timing
  • Sound Practices for Collaboration

Materials for this module

  Module 3: Notes for Trainers

PowerPoint Slides: Participating in Your First Planning Cycle

  Activity 3.1: Annual Planning Cycle: Responsibilities and Timing
  Quick Reference Handout 3.1: Annotated Flow Chart of the Annual RWHAP Part A Planning Cycle

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