Planning Community HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance and Training

As of July 1, 2023, this Planning CHATT section of will no longer be actively maintained or updated. The content, including training materials, reference resources, planning tools, and webinars, will remain available for users to access as needed.*

The Planning Community HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance and Training project (Planning CHATT) was established to help build the capacity of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A planning councils and planning bodies (PC/PB) across the U.S. to fulfill their legislative responsibilities, strengthen engagement of people with HIV, and increase the involvement of community providers in HIV service delivery planning.

Planning CHATT provided training and technical assistance (TTA) on issues such as PC/PB roles and responsibilities, member recruitment and retention, RWHAP Part A needs assessment and PSRA, understanding and using data, PC/PB structure and operations, and more.

Planning CHATT’s TTA initiatives included:

  • Sharing promising practices that can be used to improve PC/PB functions, operations, and the achievement of legislative responsibilities.
  • Developing and disseminating user-friendly resources, planning tools, and training materials specifically for PC/PB members, leaders, and staff.
  • Delivering foundational webinars to share practical approaches and address common challenges.
  • Supporting a community of PC/PB members, leaders, and staff to exchange practical knowledge.

*All materials were created before the RWHAP Part A Manual was updated in 2023. Citations in Planning CHATT materials refer to the 2013 version of the Part A Manual, so page numbers may differ.

Contact Information

HRSA Contacts:

PO Name
Lennwood Green


Funding Mechanism: Cooperative Agreement

Recipient Organization: JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.

Grant number: U69HA39085

Project Period: 7/1/2020 - 6/30/23