SURE Housing Initiative

Supporting Replication (SURE) of Housing Interventions in the RWHAP


The purpose of the SURE Housing initiative is to implement and adapt housing-related intervention strategies for three priority populations of people with HIV experiencing unstable housing, who often have the highest HIV-related disparities:

  1. people how identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning (LGBTQ+);
  2. youth and young adults (aged 18-24); and
  3. people who have been justice-involved (defined as any person who is engaged at any point along the continuum of the criminal justice system as a defendant including arrest, incarceration, and community supervision).

The goal of this initiative is to promote the replication of effective housing interventions in the RWHAP to decrease health and housing disparities and improve health outcomes along the HIV care continuum. This initiative will engage and retain people with HIV experiencing unstable housing in HIV medical care and support services by addressing their housing and behavioral health needs, as needed.

Implementation Provider

Corporation for Supportive Housing, New York, NY
Massah Massaquoi, MPH, Senior Program Manager

Evaluation Provider

Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health, Boston University
Allyson Baughman PhD, MPH, Project Director

Implementation Sites

Contact Information

Project Contacts:

Massah Massaquoi, MPH
Senior Program Manager
Corporation of Supportive Housing
Allyson Baughman PhD, MPH
Project Director
Catalyst Center, Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health, Boston University

HRSA Contacts:

PO Name
Tracy L. McClair, MSPH
PO Title
Health Scientist, Implementation Science Team
PO Phone
PO Name
LaQuanta P. Smalley, MPH, BSN, RN, CPN
PO Title
Nurse Consultant, Clinical and Quality Branch
PO Phone


Funding Mechanism: Cooperative Agreement

Recipient Organization: Corporation for Supportive Housing, Boston University

Grant number: U90HA45813 (HRSA-22-032), U90HA45842 (HRSA-22-031)

Project Period: 8/1/2022 - 7/31/2026