Module 6: Oral Health Care in PLWHA: Know the Facts


Session LengthSession Length: 60 minutes

Materials Needed

  • Computer and compatible LCD projector
  • Copies of the handout (should be printed out and distributed to each person)
  • Timer or watch with a second hand
  • Calculator
  • 6 pieces of paper
  • 3 pencils or pens
  • Prizes and/or a buzzer are optional but recommended.

Provide the class with instructions for Oral Health Jeopardy Game for Providers.

  • Trainer Answer Key and Talking Points
    Trainer should review handout/answer key with talking points before starting Jeopardy group activity, and refer to the accompanying talking points when reviewing answers with the group.


Slides 1–37: PowerPoint Slides for Jeopardy Game for Providers

Lead class through Jeopardy game according to instructions provided above. Slides can be found at:



SLIDES 10-15

SLIDES 16-21

SLIDES 22-27

SLIDES 28-33

SLIDES 34-37


Oral Health Myth Busters

  • Handout consists of copies of the answer guide referenced above.

Copies of the handout should be distributed to group members after the game.