Module 9: Think Big, Start Small: First Steps to Implementing a Model(s) of Care



20 minutes

PLAN module


In this module, participants will discuss small ways to jumpstart the implementation of their selected model(s) of care at their agency.

Materials Needed

  • Paper and easel(s)
  • Colorful markers
  • Tape for affixing paper to the wall as necessary.

Module 9 features a group activity.

The Facilitator or other appointed person should write key thoughts voiced by participants throughout the presentation and subsequent discussions on paper.

The Facilitator should introduce the first slide, which serves as a refresher about the last session.

Slide #71: Training Refresher


Before we begin, let’s review the pros and cons of the previous model we reviewed.

Slide #72: Module 9 Activity: Ready, Set, Go!


Put three sheets of paper on the wall, labeling one Group 1, another Group 2, and the last one Group 3. After the vote, be sure to designate who will carry out the activities.

This module celebrates the selection of the model(s) of care to be implemented at the clinic.

Today, we are going to brainstorm small activities that can help jumpstart the implementation process and start engaging hard-to-reach PLWHA more effectively.

Please divide into three groups. In each, choose a representative who will write your ideas on your assigned paper.

Once we are done and have shared our ideas, we will vote as a group to implement one to three of them as soon as possible.

Be sure to keep your ideas simple and, preferably, fun. Some examples include:

  • Add plants and posters to the waiting area to make it seem less clinical and more inviting to clients.
  • Hold patient “art days” for the patients and display their projects throughout the clinic.
  • Change the way patients are greeted when they call and enter the clinic, as well as at the start of an appointment.
  • Create new, more effective ways to remind patients of appointments.