Module 4. Needs Assessment

Planning CHATT


To familiarize Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A planning council/planning body (PC/PB) members and interested non-members with the purposes, importance, components, and processes of needs assessment. This module provides the information needed for active involvement in the needs assessment process by individuals with little or no prior experience in community planning or community-based research.

Content Overview


  • Definition
  • Importance of Needs Assessment
  • Legislative Requirements
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations
  • Needs Assessment Components

Needs Assessment Data Provided by Recipient/Surveillance

  • Overview of Needs Assessment Data Provided by Surveillance
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Epidemiologic Profile
  • Estimate and Characteristics of PLWH with Unmet Need
  • Estimate and Characteristics of PLWH who are Unaware of their Status
  • Uses of Data Provided through the HIV Surveillance System

Needs Assessment Components for PC/PB Implementation

  • Overview of PC/PB Responsibilities for Needs Assessment
  • Assessment of Service Needs and Barriers
  • Resource Inventory
  • Profile of Provider Capacity and Capability
  • Assessment of Service Needs and Gaps

Designing and Managing Needs Assessment

  • Data-Gathering Methods
  • Using a Multi-Year Plan
  • Needs Assessment Steps and Staffing
  • Controlling Needs Assessment Costs
  • Maximizing Consumer Input
  • Prevention-Care Needs Assessment

Analyzing and Presenting Needs Assessment Findings

  • Analyzing Needs Assessment Findings
  • Integrating Data from Multiple Sources
  • Presenting Findings

Materials for this Module

  Module 4: Notes for Trainers

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