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Module 6. Integrated/Comprehensive Planning

February 2020

Planning CHATT


This module describes the development and use of an integrated/comprehensive plan that sets multi-year goals and objectives for the EMA or TGA and serves as the foundation for the PC/PB’s annual planning cycle. Plan development, implementation, progress assessment, and updating are a joint effort of the PC/PB and recipient, and the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans for 2017-2021 often reflect collaboration by RWHAP Part A and Part B programs and HIV prevention and care recipients. The module explains the roles played by the PC/PB and other bodies in RWHAP integrated/comprehensive planning.

Content overview

  • Importance of the Integrated/Comprehensive Plan
  • Legislative Requirements
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations
  • Components of an Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan
  • Typical PC/PB Responsibilities for Integrated/Comprehensive Planning
  • Plan Development
  • Implementing the Plan
  • Reviewing Progress
  • Updating the Plan

Materials for this module

  Module 6: Notes for Trainers
  PowerPoint Slides: Integrated/Comprehensive Planning
  Activity 6.1: Quick Discussions to Apply Knowledge
  Activity 6.2: Committee Responsibilities for Implementing a Joint Integrated/Comprehensive Plan
  Activity 6.3: Using Your Plan
  Quick Reference Handout 6.1: Localizing a Joint Integrated/Comprehensive Plan

For more information

Additional resources

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A Manual, especially Section XI, Planning and Planning Bodies:

  • Chapter 5. Comprehensive Plan
  • Chapter 6. Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need

Other Online Resources

  • Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center (IHAP TAC) is a cooperative agreement that supports RWHAP Part A and Part B, and HIV prevention recipients and planning bodies, with integrating their planning, including implementation and monitoring of Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans. The IHAP website includes materials, among them:
    • An Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Online Resource Guide
    • Roles and Responsibilities for Prevention and Care Planning Bodies and Integrated Planning
    • A Directory of Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans, with links to publicly available 2017-2021 plans
  • Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan Guidance, including the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need, CY 2017-2021: June 2015 Guidance from CDC and HRSA/HAB on development of the first Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans.
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